For organisations

The content and course of training and consulting activities for organisations are developed with respect to the specific needs of each organisation. Apart from the mission preparation, subjects important to many employers are the identification of colleagues in crisis in the field as well as the organisational response to each case – crisis response and Duty of Care. A hands-on training based on real cases for HR experts and/or unit leaders back at Headquartes supports organisations in establishing or improving structures and processes for effective Duty of Care mechanisms.

Topics and tools of a training could be

Basic knowledge concerning stress, crisis, trauma – how do body and brain react?

Analysis and diagnostics of coping strategies – how do I react to stress?

Optimisation of the coping kit – how can I regulate myself to Maintain a positive balance?

Basic knowledge with respect to addiction – what is it and how can it be identified and what can be done from distance?

Self-analysis: Colleagues in crisis? How does our organisations react? How useful and applicable is our Duty of Care concept?

Duty of Care and Code of Conduct: what is needed in practice?